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With passion for colors we love to create colorful functional objects. Focusing on sustainable ideas and materials, we let form, function and color interact for lasting products. Modern and playful. Aveva originally refers to the designer and founder behind the company:eva! All design starts with a person, and aveva simply means by eva in swedish. We like to challange traditional and natural materials and stretch their possibilities by combining the hard and soft materials in interior design.

Aveva has retaken the handfelted wool into the living area, keeping and old tradition alive while creating new objects. The combination and contrasts of wood and wool is a clear part of our trademark, but 2016 we let new materials challange us!!!

WE CARE! Therefore we choose our materials consciously and carefully to ensure sustainability for the environment and manufacturers, partners and employees. We produce as much as we can in Scandinavia, but also work with handcrafted production in other parts of the world where the traditions stayed alive. We choose manufacturers, partners and employees carefully to ensure that everybody involved care as much as we do. We strive for honest relationships, joy for your eyes, and products for the heart!

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Looking forward to see you in Frankfurt 2017. Hall 11.0
Great to see you in Stockholm this year! Welcome back
We will return to Paris in 2017.

Looking forward to see you again at the Oslo Design Fair, 25.-28. january 2016!
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